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Small Business Office In-The-Box solution


Small Business “Office in-the-box” solution includes (please ask for the updated config):

1. 2 x Overland SnapServer XSR 12TB 4GB RAM NAS storage. Replicated as primary and backup file storage for data and home directories. Configured with snapshots for lost file retrieval. /show/3694413

2. 2 x Servers build with best industry standards parts (most parts have 5-year manufacturers warrantee), with Windows 2012 Standard edition, 5 clients and 1 Virtual Machine running Active directory and print server. /show/3679082

The solution is fully resilient and allows to reduce potential downtime to several minutes. DFS allows seamless failover. Manual intervention is needed to stop and reverse data replication in case of “going back home” to primary NAS storage.


Recommended options:

1. Monthly maintenance for the Office-in-the-box (recommended) - $400/month

Includes: Monthly system health check, updates and patches, backup verification, component scheduled reboot, antivirus updates verification, monthly compliance maintenance and security report (required by some governmental contracts), vendor management, up to 2 monthly calls with other minor issues or tasks

2. Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Routers for internet connectivity configured and installed - $450

3. SnapServer XSR 3TB SATA Enterprise w/carrier, 4 Pack HDD (4 x 3TB) - $1,390

4. Quantum External LTO-5 drive HBA bundle 1.5/3TB (sold with the storage device or services, tapes and Cleaning cartridge are separate) - $2,000 ( Cloud Backup recommended instead #6)

5. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 5-User Client Access License (sold with the storage device or services) - $150

6. MS Azure Backup or Amazon S3/Glacier archiving with monthly subscription

7. Or Backup Exec 12 upgrade and Linux client (sold with the storage device or services) - $1,250


Additional Services:

1. Email Hosting with market leader in email hosting with Intermedia, ActiveSync and Outlook 2007/2010/2013 client license included (installation and configuration of outlook can be provided per requirements changed per hour) - $10.95 per mailbox per month (plus $10 initial mailbox creation fee):

Maximum Company Contacts (GAL) 5,000

Maximum Distribution Lists 1,000

Maximum Message Size 50 MB

Recipients Per Message 500

SpamStopper Pro (antivirus, anti-spam) FREE

Mailbox Storage (per user, pooled) 25 GB

ActiveSync FREE

Blackberry (per device) Only available for Exchange 2010 $11.00

Company Disclaimer $20/per company

MessageMirror Archiving (25GB of storage) $50.00/per company

Retention Policies (per user) FREE

Wireless Policies (per user) FREE

Encrypted Message (end-user message encryption; per user) 10.00

Policy-Based Encryption (per Exchange mailbox) $4.00

2. Compliance Email Archival with SYMANTEC.CLOUD ENTERPRISE VAULT (accessed from anywhere on the internet as well):

a. Email hosting - Compliant Archiving Enablement with Intermedia - $50 per month


c. SYMANTEC.CLOUD ENTERPRISE VAULT Email Archival (unlimited storage) per mail box per month - $5.35

d. SYMANTEC.CLOUD ENTERPRISE VAULT CLOUD data import from .PST PER GB - $15 (plus time needed to map accounts and convert to .PST if needed)

3. WEB Hosting , backup and support - $20 a month per site

a. WEB site design using WORDPRESS templates - $490

4. Cloud Server (per month based on configuration)

5. Cloud Storage (per month based on consumption)

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